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Some of Us Do It Anyway: An Interview with Harry Crews

Available in our Fall 1994 issue.

“A Writer’s Face”: The Letters of Harry Crews (with commentary by Doug Carlson)

Available in our Winter 2007 issue.
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    Harry Crews Autobiography and Letters — Winter 2007

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  • A Feast of Snakes by Harry Crews; & The Year the Lights Came On by Terry Kay

    Available in our Summer 1977 issue.

    on All We Need of Hell by Harry Crews

    Available in our Fall 1997 issue.

    “If I Do My Job Right”: Harry Crews and His Readers

    Available in our Winter 2007 issue.

    We Are All of Us Passing Through

    I came through Monarch Pass in Colorado, fifteen thousand feet high and fourteen miles out of the nearest town—I came through on a 650cc Triumph motorcycle about dusk dark in late September of 1958. It was snowing lightly. I was freezing. I had been on the road for a little… read more

    A Long Wail

    Available in our Summer 1964 issue.

    “Into the Hectic Unknown”: Correspondence from the Archives of The Georgia Review, 1947-76

    Available in our Fall/Winter 2006 issue.