Neema Avashia

Neema Avashia was born and raised in southern West Virginia to parents who immigrated to the United States and has been a history and civics teacher in the Boston public schools since 2003. Her essays have appeared in outlets such as The Bitter Southerner, Catapult, and Kenyon Review Online. Her first book, Another Appalachia: Coming Up Queer and Indian in a Mountain Place, was published by West Virginia University Press in March 2022.

Neema Avashia


Our Armor

1. Every morning of my childhood, my mother emerged from the bathroom after a shower perfumed by a heady mix of talcum powder and baby oil. Dressed in a blouse and petticoat, the softness of her belly just spilled over the tightness of the drawstring waist. From my perch on her bed, I watched her […]

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