Nina Barnes

Nina Barnes—also known as Nina Twin—is a native Norwegian currently living in Athens, Georgia. Together with Orenda Fink (of the band Azure Ray) she founded the Harouki Zombi art project, a group that blends performance art, video installations, and music. For over ten years, Barnes created visual projections, photography, and music videos for the band Of Montreal. Her artwork has shown at the Linda Matney Fine Art Gallery in Williamsburg, Virginia; Indigo Gallery in Athens; and The New BLK in Omaha.


from Valerie Marie Osten Shafer’s peculiar death

Variously recalling the Symbolist paintings of Gustave Moreau and Henri Rousseau, the bandes dessinées of Moebius, Scandinavian and American folk art, and naturalist illustration, Norwegian artist Nina Barnes’ work creates idiosyncratic worlds that at once feel uniform and cacophonous, primordial and new, and which employ and destabilize the effects of realism. Her process is elaborate and methodical: […]

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