Yaron Michael Hakim

Yaron Michael Hakim (b. 1980 Bogotá, Colombia) lives and works in Los Angeles. He has exhibited in Europe and the United States and recently had solo exhibitions at Hernando’s Hideaway in Miami and LAXART, Los Angeles. He has been included in group shows at The Pit, BBQLA, and The Box in Los Angeles and at Art+Château in Ladoix-Serrigny, France.

Yaron Michael Hakim


Psittaciformes Forms, Self-Eating Forms

INTRODUCTION Yaron Michael Hakim has been painting at the limits of human possibility. Across two large bodies of work, Anthropophagy (2016–17) and Psittaciformes (2017–present), Hakim has used the titular figures, the cannibal and the parrot, respectively, to undertake these tremendous anti-colonial works. These paintings are typically large, and they are all pinned to the wall, […]

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