Angie Sijun Lou

Angie Sijun Lou is a Kundiman Fellow and a PhD candidate in literature and creative writing at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her writings have appeared in The American Poetry Review, The Best Small Fictions, Poetry Northwest, The Kenyon Review, FENCE, The Asian American Literary Review, Hyphen, The Margins, and others. She lives in Oakland.

Angie Sijun Lou


on Virga by Shin Yu Pai

Virga, a derivation of the Latin word for “branch,” is the name for rain that dries before it touches the ground, appearing as a mass of streaks diffusing underneath a dark cloud. Shin Yu Pai’s newest collection, Virga, is a poetic reenactment of this meteorological occurrence. While venerating her genealogy, Pai illustrates how rain, like […]

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