Melanie P. Moore

Melanie P. Moore is a writer living in Austin, Texas. A graduate of the University of Georgia with an MA from Georgia State University, she was previously the founder and executive director of Badgerdog Literary Publishing, where, with a talented team and key community support, she started Austin’s first writers-in-the-schools program (now a program of the Austin Public Library Friends Foundation) and re-launched American Short Fiction after personally acquiring the defunct journal from the University of Texas Press in 2003. Her work has appeared in Atlanta Magazine, Creative Loafing, and Austin Travels Magazine, among other publications. “Invisible Woman: A Reflection on Being Seen in America” was taken from her current project, a memoir about reconciling church, miracles, and homosexuality.

Melanie P. Moore


Invisible Woman: A Reflection on Being Seen in America

Visibility is powerful. And dangerous. If you’re not a white, heterosexual, male, cisgender Christian in America (or married to one), visibility can cost you your job, your family, your friends, your church, your life. I’m reminded of lines from an Indigo Girls song: Oh, I just sit up in the house and resist And not […]

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