David Oates

David Oates writes about nature and urban life from Portland, Oregon. He is author of four books of nonfiction, including Paradise Wild: Reimagining American Nature (Oregon State University Press, 2003). His work has appeared in Creative Nonfiction, Orion, Earth Island Journal, High Country News, and elsewhere. The Heron Place (2016) won the 2015 Poetry Award from Swan Scythe Press. Peace in Exile: Poems was published in 1992. He won the Dovid Heersche Badonnah award from Bitterroot Poetryand last year he convened a group of writers to create the collection Come Shining: Essays and Poems on Writing in a Dark Time (Kelson Books, 2017).


Bosch in the Burning World

At the joining of the Dommel and the Aa in the southern part of the Netherlands, a town was built and called “Bosch” after its forest. It prospered, rivaling Utrecht. In its churches there was music. In town there was money. The two rivers were combined to make a moat for protection. Dommel meant drowse. […]

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