Shannon Reed

Shannon Reed is the author of the forthcoming Why Did I Get a B? And Other Mysteries We’re Discussing in the Faculty Lounge (forthcoming from Simon & Schuster, June 2020). A lecturer in the creative-writing program at the University of Pittsburgh, her work is frequently published online at The New Yorker and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and she has contributed to the Paris Review, the Washington Post, LitHub, and Guernica, among others.

Shannon Reed


on Census by Jesse Ball

Jesse Ball’s 2018 novel Census at first seems determined to use the title’s subject—an official count of the citizens throughout an unnamed land—as mere background. Ball’s nameless narrator works as a census taker, but feels little urgency about the task, approaching it half-heartedly, without the passion we might expect from the protagonist of a dystopian […]

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