Bianca Stone

Bianca Stone, a poet and visual artist, is the author of Poetry Comics from the Book of Hours (LSU Press, 2016) and Someone Else’s Wedding Vows (Tin House, 2014), and she was artist/collaborator on a special illustrated edition of Anne Carson’s Antigonick (New Directions, 2015). She runs the Ruth Stone Foundation and Monk Books with her husband, the poet Ben Pease, in Vermont and Brooklyn.


Lap Dance

I think everyone’s glad I’m dead, said the stripper / with the caved-in face. Her fingers were bone with no / sinew. She flapped her arms at the two wrens / caught up in the rafters and staring down / on the empty dance hall at the Möbius Strip Club / of Grief. . . .

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We Dust the Walls: A Poetry Comic

Discussing her creative process in a recent interview with Brandon Lussier for the California Journal of Poetics, poet and artist Bianca Stone posits: “There’s a power in not asking what something means, the irony being that the question becomes relevant only once you stop asking it. And also perhaps, in some ways, answered.”  Stone’s stance on […]

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