Selamawit D. Terrefe

Selamawit D. Terrefe is an assistant professor of African American literature and culture in the Department of English at Tulane University, where she also holds affiliations with the Africana Studies Program and Stone Center for Latin American Studies. Her work has appeared in The Feminist Wire, Theory and Event, Rhizomes, and Critical Philosophy of Race. She is currently completing her manuscript, “Impossible Blackness: Violence and the Psychic Life of Slavery,” a comparative analysis of African and African American texts, which examines the fantasies harnessed within the global imaginary that elaborate antiblack racial violence into narratives of possibility.

Selamawit D. Terrefe


on Afropessimism by Frank B. Wilderson III

How does one either narrate or deconstruct the story, and the crafting, of the “self” when the premises of narrative and of the existence of (human) being eclipse Black people by a paradigm underwritten by gratuitous violence? Put differently, how does one articulate the story of one’s self as a constant mode of absence? Frank […]

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