Sujata Gupta Winfield

Sujata Gupta Winfield practiced employment-discrimination law for many years, advocating for employees, and is now an immigration lawyer who lives and runs a solo firm in Athens, Georgia. Having left Calcutta, India, she is attuned to her clients’ poverty, sorrow at leaving behind home and family, feelings of alienation, experiences of disadvantage in a new land, and striving to make their sacrifices work. “The Lives beneath the Counting” is her first published piece.

Sujata Gupta Winfield


The Lives beneath the Counting

I had found the perfect way to stop grinding my teeth and tearing my hair out over my client’s recalcitrance toward the fourteen calls I had made to her in two weeks. She had still not brought me the document I had to mail to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services by the deadline in two days […]

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