Tobias Wray

Tobias Wray’s debut poetry collection, No Doubt I Will Return a Different Man (Cleveland State University Press, 2021), was selected by Randall Mann for the Lighthouse Poetry Prize. His work has found homes in various literary journals, including Blackbird, Bellingham Review, Meridian, Third Coast, and Hunger Mountain. Some poems also appear in the forthcoming The Queer Nature Anthology (Autumn House Press, 2021) and The Queer Movement Anthology of Literatures (Seagull Books, 2021). He directs the creative writing programs at the University of Idaho on the Palouse, where he lives with his hiking partner, Andy.

Tobias Wray


Each of Us Chimera

Soon after he came home to Arkansas, mother’s cousin Larry became a stone on a hill. She tells of the monkey leashed and taught to ride his shoulder as he walked the couple blocks to Main when they were young, the sixties. They didn’t know each other well, but my mother shows me,  as we […]

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