Dustin Yellin

Dustin Yellin (b. 1975) is a visual artist and the founder of the Pioneer Works arts center in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to a permanent installation on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, his recent exhibits have included the Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, the Tacoma Museum of Art in Washington, and the 53W53 Gallery in New York City. In 2015, Dustin Yellin: Heavy Water (with foreword and essays by Alanna Heiss, Kenneth Goldsmith, and Andrew Durbin) was published by Rizzoli.


A Constant State of Migration

In poetic (and practical) terms, glass is most typically associated with delicacy and fragility—glass houses, glass castles, hearts of glass. Laura Wingfield and her glass menagerie shattering with the routine roughnesses of the world. Percy Bysshe Shelley’s lament in “Adonais” that “Life, like a dome of many-coloured glass, / Stains the white radiance of Eternity, […]

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