Ghassan Zeineddine

Ghassan Zeineddine lives with his wife in Dearborn, Michigan, where he teaches Arab American literature and creative writing at the University of Michigan–Dearborn. His fiction has appeared in Witness, Fiction International, Iron Horse Literary Review, and The Common, among other places. He is currently co-editing the creative nonfiction anthology Uncertain Refuge: Voices of Arab Detroit (Wayne State University Press, 2021).

Ghassan Zeineddine


The Citizenship Question, or, The Actors of Dearborn

9 NOVEMBER 2019. DEARBORN, MICHIGAN. Before  arriving at Uncle Sam’s house on the corner of Yinger and Gould Streets, Youssef Bazzi had been canvassing the neighborhoods in East Dearborn for over a month, knocking on doors throughout the day and late into the night, despite the heat or rain. His new job as census taker […]

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