Bar Null

All the waves arrive bereft of their refugees,

the trees abolish even their ruins,

amassed in the chamber of zeroes.

There is nothing there to be filled:

you could grow learned in noughts,

study the accumulation of chalk.

That too

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Two Women & Sampler



My feminism expresses itself in an intense
interest in what women do.

—Louise Bourgeois


Battlement stitch. And yet this same needle also made the Algerian Eye Stitch, the Peking Knot, and the Spanish knotted feather stitch, made …

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Her Generous Body

Always, the light from the holes in the aluminum roof woke Namanya. After a moment of nothingness, she felt the ache in her back, turned in bed, and came to herself. Her back was urging her to stop bending over …

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Where I Went Wrong


In telling the story of where I went wrong, my mom drew two lines to mark the turning points that led me down a singular, inevitable path toward a male babysitter who drew no lines at all. 

One “if …

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Pliny Redux

In rural Laos, a village had relocated only meters away from its original site after a recent dam construction submerged it. The historical village lay under an artificial lake, where tree branches poked from underwater. In the afternoon, our modest …

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from Unicode Hex









1. Ah kong “Grandfather” in Teochew or Hokkien.

2. Lyrics of a song my grandfather used to sing while he ate bananas, circa approx. 2000–5.


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