[an excerpt from Spectra]


To speak without vulnerability you claimed


the land’s fragrance its honey its plants

translation           I wanted to be back in my language

“back”? /

I wanted to differently be in

another word for being…

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Copper Queen

That was the summer I fell in love with two men no one could tell apart. “The twins,” people called them, though they were not twins, were not even related, and also, they didn’t look that much alike. We were …

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Against Winning

For fewer but more perfect blooms,
experts say to prune the buds.

—Sara Wainscott, Insecurity Systems


The ideas in this essay have not led me to quit or walk away from any role or job I currently hold. But …

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If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You


I don’t remember what they called that night. Someone drove us to a house off campus. Someone blindfolded us. Someone lined us up around the perimeter of a pool. They made us practice fundamentals—low mark time (heel up, toes …

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1. Introduction

In 1900 the world’s fair was held in Paris. Like world’s fairs before it, the 1900 Paris Exposition celebrated technological innovation within the context of a world built of nations, projecting an air of unbridled optimism through a conviction of …

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