To Resign is Not at All as I Had Expected

A Lady Poet

On Thanksgiving Eve & Dear Stanley

Elegies; A Short History of Transvestism; My Daughter Has an Accident Involving Frank Sinatra; Don’t Go in The Lion’s Cage Tonight; & Stragglers

The Granddaughters

Mary Clearman Blew’s most recent books are This Is Not the Ivy League: A Memoir (University of Nebraska Press) and a novel, Jackalope Dreams (Flyover Fiction), both published in 2011. Two fiction collections, Lambing Out and Other Stories (2001) and Runaway (1990), won Pacific Northwest Booksellers awards, as did her memoir All But the Waltz: Essays on a Montana Family (1991). The winner of a Western Heritage Award and the Western Literature Association’s Distinguished Achievement Award, Blew is a professor of English at the University of Idaho.

A World Immeasurably Alive and Good: A Look at James Wright’s “Collected Poems”

The Mighty Monarch of the South: Yellow Fever in Charleston and Savannah

A Radical Historical Novelist of the ’80’s

Counterhumor: Comedy in Contemporary American Fiction