on Poems in Persons: An Introduction to the Psychoanalysis of Literature by Norman N. Holland

on Fifteen American Authors Before 1900: Bibliographic Essays on Research and Criticism by Robert A. Rees, Earl N. Harbert

on Fictional Transfigurations of Jesus by Theodore Ziolkowski

on The Gray and the Black: The Confederate Debate on Emancipation by Robert F. Durden

on Metaphors of Self: The Meaning of Autobiography by James Olney

on Collected Poems, 1951-1971 by A. R. Ammons

on The Mystery of Iniquity: Melville as Poet, 1857-1891 by William H. Shurr

on To Dwell in Sound by Jean Réti

on Workable Design: Action and Situation in the Fiction of Henry James by John P. O’Neill