on D. H. Lawrence, The Man and His Work: The Formative Years, 1885-1919 by Emile Delavenay

on The Classical Style: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven by Charles Rosen

on Poetry and Crisis in the Age of Chaucer by Charles Muscatine; & Chaucer and The English Tradition by Ian Robinson

on Proteus: His Lies, His Truth by Robert M. Adams; &The Astonishment of Words by Victor Proetz

on Selected Prose, 1909-1965 by Ezra Pound, William Cookson; New Approaches to Ezra Pound by Eva Hesse; & A ZBC of Ezra Pound by Christine Brooke-Rose

on Puritanism in Tudor England by H. C. Porter

on Corvo Saint or Madman? by Donald Weeks

on The Stream of Consciousness and Beyond in Ulysses by Erwin R. Steinberg

on The Exposure of Luxury: Radical Themes in Thackeray by Barbara Hardy; & Thackeray: The Major Novels by Juliet McMaster