Modernity and the Left: An Equivalence

on The Mystery of Unity: Theme and Technique in the Novels of Patrick White by Patricia A. Morley

on As Long as the Rivers Run by Sam J. Slate

on Thomas Hardy: The Return of the Repressed/A Study of the Major Fiction by Perry Meisel

on Hart’s Bridge by Sherman Paul

on Ruby Red by William Price Fox

on On the Poems of Tennyson by Ward Hellstrom

on Thomas Wolfe: Ulysses and Narcissus by William U. Snyder

on The Dark Glass: Vision and Technique in the Poetry of Dante Gabriel Rossetti by Ronnalie Roper Howard; Rossetti and the Fair Lady by David Sonstroem; The Paintings and Drawings of Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882): A Catalogue Raisonné Vol. 1, Vol. 2 by Virginia Surtees; & Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Versecraft by Joseph F. Vogel