Professionalized Philosophy and Transcendentalist Culture

on After Babel by George Steiner

on A Structural Study of Autobiography: Proust, Leiris, Sartre, Levi-strauss by Jeffrey Mehlman

on Henry Adams and Henry James: The Emergence of a Modern Consciousness by John Carlos Rowe; &Henry James—The Lessons of the Master: Popular Fiction and Personal Style in the Nineteenth Century by William Veeder

on Language and Interpretation in Psychoanalysis by Marshall Edelson; & A New Language for Psychoanalysis by Roy Schafer

Hearing Secret Harmonies by Anthony Powell

on Whitman’s Journeys into Chaos: A Psychoanalytic Study of the Poetic Process by Stephen A. Black; & The Romantic Sublime: Studies in the Structure and Psychology of Transcendence by Thomas Weiskel

Between the Acts: Jeanne Moreau’s “Lumiere”