on Philosophical Grammar by Ludwig Wittgenstein

on Conversions: Poems by Paul Smyth; Looking for Holes in the Ceiling: Poems by Stephen Dunn; Giraffe by Stanley Plumly; & Walking the Boundaries: Poems 1957-1974 by Peter Davison

on Occasional Form: Henry Fielding and the Chains of Circumstance by J. Paul Hunter

on T. S. Eliot’s Personal Waste Land by James E. Miller

on Selected Poems by Robert Watson

on Unbuilt America: Forgotten Architecture in the United States from Thomas Jefferson to the Space Age by Alison Sky, Michelle Stone

on Southern Literary Study: Problems and Possibilities by Louis D. Rubin, Jr., C. Hugh Holman; & William Elliott Shoots a Bear: Essays on the Southern Literary Imagination by Louis D. Rubin, Jr

on Victorian Conventions by John R. Reed

on W. B. Yeats and the Idea of a Theatre: The Early Abbey Theatre in Theory and Practice by James W. Flannery; & The Drama of W. B. Yeats: Irish Myth and the Japanese No by Richard Taylor