And the World Became Strange: Realms of Literary Fantasy

on Life Among Others by Daniel Halpern; The Late Hour by Mark Strand; Kicking the Leaves by Donald Hall; Tread the Dark by David Ignatow; & The Year of Our Birth by Sandra McPherson

on Speaking of Stendhal by Storm Jameson

on F. R. Leavis: Judgment and the Discipline of Thought by Robert Boyers

on America’s Great Illustrators by Susan E. Meyer

Gerald Weales’s “American Theater Watch” appeared in these pages from 1978 until 2010, and we have also featured on occasion his essays and reviews on topics that have included World War II and the early-career political cartoons of one Theodore Geisel (a.k.a. Dr. Seuss). In addition to his distinguished career as an author and drama specialist, Weales was a longtime professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania, from which he retired in 1987; a senior Fulbright scholar at the University of Sri Lanka; and the recipient of a Guggenheim fellowship.

Shields, Ruins, and Togus: Old Literary History (on Dr. Woodward’s Shield: History, Science and Satire in Augustan England by Joseph M. Levine; Ruins and Empire: The Evolution of a Theme in Augustan and Romantic Literature by Laurence Goldstein; & Augustus Caesar in “augustan” England: The Decline of a Classical Norm by Howard D. Weinbrot)

Refelections on John Fowles’s “The Magus” and the Construction of Reality (on The Magus: A Revised Version by John Fowles)

Charles Olsen and His Forces (on A Guide to the Maximus Poems of Charles Olson by George F. Butterick; Charles Olson: Call Him Ishmael by Paul Christensen; Olson’s Push: Origin, Black Mountain and Recent American Poetry by Sherman Paul; &Charles Olson: The Scholar’s Art by Robert von Hallberg)

Defending the Humanities (on Literature Against Itself: Literary Ideas in Modern Society by Gerald Graff)