An Evening When the Full Moon Rose as the Sun Set & Walking Where the Plows Have Been Turning

Random Thoughts on Southern Literature, Southern Politics, and the American Future

on Some Trees by John Ashbery; Houseboat Days by John Ashbery; The Snow Poems by A. R. Ammons; The Selected Poems 1951-1977 by A. R. Ammons; &Selected Poems by Lucien Stryk

on Remembering Poets: Reminiscences and Opinions by Donald Hall

on On Moral Fiction by John Gardner

on André Bazin by Dudley Andrew

on AfterJoyce: Studies in Fiction After Ulysses by Robert Martin Adams

on Ecrits by Jacques Lacan, Alan Sheridan; & Life and Death in Psychoanalysis by Jean Laplanche, Jeffrey Mehlman

on Real and Imagined Worlds: The Novel and Social Science by Morroe Berger

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