Eudora Welty and the City of Man

Death of a Traveling Salesman

Looking Back at the First Story

on Cannibals and Missionaries by Mary McCarthy

on Waste. Book I The Town Scold; Book II: Transparencies; & Book III: Deas’s Good Company by Judith Johnson Sherwin, Margaret Lampe

on The Homosexual Tradition in American Poetry by Robert K. Martin

on Uncollected Stories of William Faulkner by Joseph Blotner

The Intellectual as Southerner or the Southerner as Intellectual? (on The Idea of the American South, 1920-1941 by Michael O’Brien; & Such As Us: Southern Voices of the Thirties by Tom E. Terrill, Jerrold Hirsch)

The Sincere, the Mythic, the Playful: Forms of Voice in Current Poetry (on 7 Years From Somewhere by Philip Levine; Ashes: Poems New and Old by Philip Levine; Long Island Light: Poems & A Memoir by William Heyen; Goshawk, Antelope by Dave Smith; & The City of the Olesha Fruit by Norman Dubie)