The Competitors

Limits, Myths, and Morals

on Promethean Ethics: Living with Death, Competition, and Triage by Garrett Hardin

on The Right Promethean Fire: Imagination, Science, and Cultural Change by Ihab Hassan

on Desperate Characters by Paula Fox, Irving Howe; & The Transit of Venus by Shirley Hazzard

A Centered Voice: Susan Sontag’s Short Fiction (on I, Etcetera by Susan Sontag)

Poets, Projects, and Personalities (on Enlarging the Temple: New Directions in American Poetry during the 1960s by Charles Altieri; The Fierce Embrace: A Study of Contemporary American Poetry by Charles Molesworth; & Part of Nature, Part of Us: Modern American Poets by Helen Vendler)

On Women and Art (on The Obstacle Race by Germaine Greer; & Feminist Collage by Judy Loeb)

Dimensions of Reality (on A Romance by Bruce Weigl; The Names You Gave It by Wayne Dodd; Mortal Acts, Mortal Words by Galway Kinnell; & God’s Measurements by Laurence Lieberman)