Chaucer and Historical Criticism: Some New Revisions (on Chaucer and the Poets: An Essay on Troilus and Criseyde by Winthrop Wetherbee & Chaucer and the Imagery of Narrative: The First Five Canterbury Tales by V. A. Kolve)

Journeying Eastward, Journeying Home (on Encounter with Zen: Writings on Poetry and Zen by Lucien Stryk & Collected Poems 1953-1983 by Lucien Stryle)

Contemporary American Poems: Exclusive and Inclusive (on Cries of Swimmers by Maura Stanton; The Triumph of Achilles by Louise Glück; Healing Songs for the Inner Ear by Michael S. Harper; The Roundhouse Voices: Selected and New Poems by Dave Smith; & Elegy on Independence Day by Arthur Smith)

Some News for Mark

on America, Land of Faeries by Morgan Ossian

Pretending in Paestum

The Movement This Joy Makes

Reading Sappho

The Perfecting of the Chopin Valse No. 14