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Long-time GR Editor Stephen Corey to Retire

Photo by William Walsh

1 November 2018

Writers, readers, supporters, editors, friends—and the many of you who fall into more than one of these groups: With profoundly mixed feelings, I am announcing that sometime in the summer of 2019 I will be retiring from my tenure with The Georgia Review. I am GR’s younger sibling, but only by a year, so in our very different ways the journal and I have spent half our respective lives together. The next seven to nine months will be profoundly busy ones, for me and for the rest of the Review staff, and I will be working to assure that my two primary goals are met: that the final handful of issues I oversee will be among the finest with which I’ve ever been involved, and that the transition period will be as seamless as possible. The first of these goals rests squarely on me—with the priceless assistance of our great staff, of course; the second is guaranteed, because both I and the University of Georgia know how important it will be to the continued success of The Georgia Review across the many more years I envision for its vital role in the national and international literary community.

I will have more to say in various ways in the coming months, but the above paragraph will do for today.

Stephen Corey, Editor