Graduate Assistantship

The Georgia Review invites applications for its graduate assistantship on an annual basis. The commitment is for the academic year and provides a tuition waiver and stipend. 

The primary work of this position involves the screening and evaluation of poetry, short fiction, and some nonfiction manuscripts. Secondary duties may include copyediting, fact checking, and proofreading of accepted manuscripts; interviewing authors and/or creating other features for our website; logging in and out of review books; and the training and oversight of undergraduate interns. Candidates should have a strong background in modern and contemporary literature in English, a solid familiarity with various critical approaches to the same, some knowledge of the literary journal and book publishing worlds, and exemplary fundamental writing and editing skills. 

Other factors being equal, preference will be given to students who are further along in their degree program. Please direct questions to Jenny Gropp.



At present, we offer a limited number of unpaid internships to interested third- or fourth-year University of Georgia students during the academic year. Some exceptions may be made for individuals already holding Baccalaureate degrees. Specific arrangements are made on an individual basis, but generally the position will entail 10-12 hours of work each week and regular weekly sessions with Review staff. Since the work primarily involves reading and evaluating poetry and fiction submissions, we would prefer students who have had a number of literature and writing courses. Interns are expected to stay on for a full semester, with a second semester sometimes being an option. Please direct intern questions to Douglas Carlson.  (We have made our internship assignments for the 2016-2017 academic year.)


Readers Program

The Georgia Review’s Readers Program functions as an initiative separate from but related to our internships. Readers assemble with editorial staff once or twice a month (schedules permitting) to discuss high-caliber submissions and other relevant matters in the writing and publishing worlds. 

The program serves as a bridge between UGA Libraries/Georgia Review and graduate programs from academic departments such as English, Comparative Literature, and Journalism. Athens-area community members with a background in literature and creative writing are also welcome (and encouraged) to apply. Time commitments from readers are determined on an individual basis to allow for range in course-load and/or other obligations, but the Review generally seeks a commitment of two to five hours per week. Contact Thibault Raoult for more information.


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