The Georgia Review Internship

Our intern program is evolving to offer a literary magazine experience as close to comprehensive as possible.  At present, we offer a limited number of unpaid internships to interested third- or fourth-year University of Georgia students during the academic year. At the outset, the interns’ ten-hour work week is spent reading submissions, while Georgia Review staff members direct interns in their evaluations by holding weekly seminars. After that introductory period, we offer opportunities in each of the three departments of the Review: editorial, production/design, and marketing/outreach.  During the first semester, interns cycle through brief rotations with each of the three office departments, learning about each facet of literary magazine work. Interns also complete a related small project in each area, e.g., in an editorial session, interns might work on vetting books for review; in marketing/outreach, they might write a social media post; in production/design, they might work on a short line editing project.

During the second semester, interns choose two departments for seven-week apprenticeships that feature more extensive projects, supervised by the appropriate staff member. As in the first semester, the remainder of their ten weekly hours are spent evaluating manuscripts. We believe this updated approach will prepare interns professionally for work in the publishing field. Interns are eligible for Experiential Learning credit. We review applications each April for the following academic year. Please direct any questions to Douglas Carlson.

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