Apology to a Poll-Taker; April Again; & Housewifery

Kathryn Stripling Byer received the 2013 North Carolina Book Award and the 2013 Southern Independent Booksellers Award for Poetry for her most recent collection, Descent (Louisiana State University Press, 2012). A native of south Georgia, she recently completed five years as North Carolina’s first woman poet laureate. Frequently anthologized, her poetry, essays, and fiction have appeared in publications ranging from the Atlantic to Appalachian Heritage.

An Ordinary Evening in Bowling Green; Growing Wild; Certain Dreams; & Getting Together

The Front Porch

Deliverance from What

Mark Twain: At Home in the Gilded Age

The Grand Captain of Clausewitz and The Marxist Professional Revolutionary

A Kind of Centering

Myths and the Man: James Edward Oglethorpe

Transcendental Conservatism and “The House of the Seven Gables”