With the Remover to Remove

I Wonder What Mr. Santini Dreamed

Return & Visits to Other Cities

Alfred Corn’s most recent book of poems is Unions (Barrow Street Press, 2014), and his most recent novel, Miranda’s Book (Eyewear Publishing), was released the same year. In November 2017 he was inducted into the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame.

He Writes an Old Girlfriend and Asks Her to Have an Affair with Him

A Touching Compulsion: Wordsworth and the Problem of Literary Representation

Stone Carving: August & What Was Happening Later at Night

Uriel’s Cloud: Emerson’s Rhetoric

Albert Speer—18 April 1945; Albert Speer—20 April 1945; & 2200 Hours

Soundings for Home: Frost’s Poetry of Extravagance and Return

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