Transcript of My Mother’s Sleeptalk: Chincoteague [2020 Loraine Williams Poetry Prize Winner]

Was not a one-trick pony. 
Was the trick of many ponies.
Was the trick of swimming 
The ponies from the island 
To the mainland. So as not 
To burden the island, said 
The saltwater cowboys whose
Trick it was …

Hannah Perrin King, whose poem in this issue won The Georgia Review’s 2020 Loraine Williams Poetry Prize, was also named the winner of Narrative Magazine’s Eleventh Annual Poetry Contest and received AWP’s Kurt Brown Prize for Poetry and New Millennium Writings’ 48th New Millennium Award for Poetry. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Narrative Magazine, The Missouri Review, The Cincinnati Review, The Adroit Journal, North American Review, THRUSH Poetry Journal, and Best New Poets, among others. She was a finalist for The Missouri Review’s Editors’ Prize and her first manuscript is a finalist for the National Poetry Series. She currently lives in northern California. 

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