Beyond Pound’s Quarrel with Eliot’s Text

on Slave Life in Georgia by John Brown

on Young Philip Sidney, 1572-1577 by James M. Osborn

on Murder and Witchcraft in England, 1550-1640, as Recounted in Pamphlets, Ballads, Broadsides, and Plays by Joseph H. Marshburn; Witchcraft in the Middle Ages by Jeffrey Burton Russell; Witchcraft in Europe, 1100-1700: A Documentary History by Alan C. Kors, Edward Peters; & The Occult Sciences in the Renaissance: A Study in Intellectual Patterns by Wayne Shumaker

on Dr. Bowdler’s Legacy by Noel Perrin

on The Literary Notebooks of Winfield Townley Scott, “a dirty hand” by Merle Armitage; & Poet in America: Winfield Townley Scott by Scott Donaldson

on The Roots of Southern Writing: Essays on the Literature of the American South by C. Hugh Holman; The Writer in the South: Studies in a Literary Community by Louis D. Rubin, Jr.; & Death by Melancholy: Essays on Modern Southern Fiction by Walter Sullivan

on From the Land and Back by Curtis K. Stadtfeld

on In Pursuit of Relevance by Herbert J. Muller