Seeing and Selling America: 1945-1955 (on Life: The Second Decade, 1946-1955 by Doris C. O’Neil; Out of the Forties by Nicholas Lemann; & Roy Stryker: U.S.A., 1943-1950; The Standard Oil (New Jersey) Photography Project by Steven W. Plattner)

Chaucer and Historical Criticism: Some New Revisions (on Chaucer and the Poets: An Essay on Troilus and Criseyde by Winthrop Wetherbee & Chaucer and the Imagery of Narrative: The First Five Canterbury Tales by V. A. Kolve)

Journeying Eastward, Journeying Home (on Encounter with Zen: Writings on Poetry and Zen by Lucien Stryk & Collected Poems 1953-1983 by Lucien Stryle)

Contemporary American Poems: Exclusive and Inclusive (on Cries of Swimmers by Maura Stanton; The Triumph of Achilles by Louise Glück; Healing Songs for the Inner Ear by Michael S. Harper; The Roundhouse Voices: Selected and New Poems by Dave Smith; & Elegy on Independence Day by Arthur Smith)

Some News for Mark

on America, Land of Faeries by Morgan Ossian

Pretending in Paestum

The Movement This Joy Makes

Reading Sappho