on Leaving the Door Open by David Ignatow

on Aubade: A Teacher’s Notebook by Wallace Fowlie

on The Dead and the Living by Sharon Olds

on The Land Before Her: Fantasy and Experience of the American Frontiers, 1630-1860 by Annette Kolodny

on Studies in Henry James by R. P. Blackmur, Veronica A. Makowsky

on American Fictions, 1940-1980: A Comprehensive History and Critical Evaluation by Frederick R. Karl

Poetry Chapbooks: Many Are Called (on Baker’s Dozen by Jim Aubert; The Way into Town by Roy Bentley; Along This Water by William Heyen; In New York City Air by James Humphrey; Kamikaze Polar Bear Sinks Nuclear Submarine by Roger Lell; Tarantulas on the Lifebuoy by Thomas Lux; Thinner You Grow by Richard Lyons; Philippe at His Bath by Constance Pierce; The Angel Poems by Liz Rosenberg; Finding the Path by R. T. Smith; & The Royal Nonesuch by Leon Stokesbury)

American Indian Legacy (on Native American Renaissance by Kenneth Lincoln; Reading the Fire: Essays in the Traditional Indian Literatures of the Far West by Jarold Ramsey; & Smoothing the Ground: Essays on Native American Oral Literature by Brian Swann)

Scribbling Women (on Private Woman, Public Stage: Literary Domesticity in Nineteenth-Century America by Mary Kelley; & Insatiable Appetites: Twentieth-Century American Women’s Bestsellers by Madonne M. Miner)