on Pinion: An Elegy by Claudia Emerson

on In the Shadow of Memory by Floyd Skloot

on Tom Stoppard: A Life by Ira Nadel

Myles Weber’s literary criticism appears frequently in The Georgia Review and many other journals, including New England Review, Kenyon Review, Sewanee Review, Salmagundi, and Michigan Quarterly Review. Associate professor of English at Winona State University in Minnesota, Weber is the author of Consuming Silences: How We Read Authors Who Don’t Publish (University of Georgia Press, 2005) and Middlebrow Annoyances: American Drama in the 21st Century (Gival Press, 2003).

Attention Must Be Paid (on The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits by Emma Donoghue; The Caprices by Sabina Murray; Dear Paramount Pictures by Iqbal Pittalwala; and Pittsburgh Stories: Selected Stories, Volume 2 by Clark Blaise)

The Revisionist Memory (on The Ethics of Memory by Avishai Margalit; The Dog of Memory: A Family Album of Secrets and Silences by Alvin Greenberg; The Riddle Song and Other Rememberings by Rebecca McClanahan; & The Remembered Gate: Memoirs by Alabama Writers by Jay Lamar and Jeanie Thompson)

From the Mummy’s Breast (on The Fourth Watch of the Night by Louie Skipper; Les Mots Anglais by Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno; Music Like Dirt by Frank Bidart; Base Pairs by Maria Melendez; The First Thing by Anna Kirwan; and The Circumference of Arrival by Sandra Meek)

Paul Zimmer lives on a farm in southwestern Wisconsin. In the fifteen years since his retirement from a long career in university publishing, he has published two books each of poetry and essay-memoir. His first novel, The Mysteries of Soldiers Grove, is forthcoming from Permanent Press in early 2015, when he will be eighty years old—which surely makes him, he believes, one of the oldest first novelists ever.

American Theater Watch, 2002–2003

Gerald Weales’s “American Theater Watch” appeared in these pages from 1978 until 2010, and we have also featured on occasion his essays and reviews on topics that have included World War II and the early-career political cartoons of one Theodore Geisel (a.k.a. Dr. Seuss). In addition to his distinguished career as an author and drama specialist, Weales was a longtime professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania, from which he retired in 1987; a senior Fulbright scholar at the University of Sri Lanka; and the recipient of a Guggenheim fellowship.

15 Ways of Seeing the Light

Gozo Poderoso

David Swanger has published four books of poetry, two chapbooks, and poems in various anthologies and journals. His awards include fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the California Arts Council. His most recent book, Wayne’s College of Beauty (2006), won the John Ciardi Poetry Prize.