Earth Day 2022 This Impermanent Earth Podcast

In the first episode, NPR editor Jennifer Schmidt interviews Doug Carlson about piecing together This Impermanent Earth, a collection of the best environmental essays published in The Georgia Review. Alongside fellow Associate Editor Soham Patel, Doug curated and edited this anthology which was published under The Georgia Review Books imprint by the University of Georgia Press. It is available for purchase on our website or on that of the press.



In the second episode, Graduate Editor Nathan Dixon collages together a piece of audio from a series of readings and conversations that Doug conducted with four of the authors whose work appears in This Impermanent Earth. Elizabeth Dodd, Robin Patten, Catherine Reid, and Susan Cerulean talk about the methods they use to balance personal disclosure and environmental research in their respective essays. Their complete and unedited video conversations with Doug are available on GR2.   



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