Starshine in “After Vermont, My Hipster Hunter’s Cap”

I searched the near thousand emails April sent to me throughout the duration of our friendship for a glossary of sorts, for a history of her relationship with specific words that appear in “After Vermont, My Hipster Hunter’s Cap,” sensing that if I could curate her poem with her labor, both as a writer and a person who shaped herself—if I could find the right shape notes, as it were—that we might sing ever more loudly together in celebration with and of April. By sharing language April shared with me privately—verse-filled emails (hence the slashes in the annotations for concision’s sake) in which she articulates being in the world and her ever-evolving writerly philosophy—I hope to gesture toward what she would call “an accurate and lovely ‘reading’ that makes a kind of conversational circle . . . with jumps and gaps in it . . . ”

S. U.







Spring Ulmer is the author of Bestiality of the Involved (Etruscan Press, 2020), The Age of Virtual Reproduction (Essay Press, 2009), and Benjamin’s Spectacles (Kore Press, 2007). She teaches at Middlebury College.