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The Georgia Review Summer 2018

Table of Contents


“feeling it trying to feel it through”: Politicized Solitudes in Adrienne Rich’s Later Work

by Ed Pavlić

A Postmortem Guide; A Postmortem Guide (2); That Autumn; & The Normal

by Stephen Dunn

Obituary for Silence & The Ancestors Remain Unhelpful with the Recent Tide of Events

by Heather Altfeld

Naming the Absence (on Saying Your Name Three Times Underwater and Echolalia in Script: A Collection of Asemic Writing by Sam Roxas-Chua 姚)

by Mary-Kim Arnold

Southerners, Snakes, and Me (on Julia C. Duin’s In the House of the Serpent Handler: A Story of Faith and Fleeting Fame in the Age of Social Media; Steven B. Reichling’s Reptiles and Amphibians of the Southern Pine Woods; Whit Gibbons’s Snakes of the Eastern United States; Whit Gibbons and Mike Dorcas’s Snakes of the Southeast; Donald W. Linzey and Michael J. Clifford’s Snakes of Virginia; and David Kimbrough’s Taking Up Serpents: Snake Handlers of Eastern Kentucky)

by Sam Pickering

Hints of Insurrection: a Conversation with Stephen Dunn

by Helena Feder

The Obsessions, the Overall Work: An Interview with James Reston Jr.

by Maureen Thornton

Why If and Why When?—An Interview with Marvin Bell and Christopher Merrill Concerning Their Correspondence-in-Paragraphs

by Stephen Corey


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Summer 2018