Fall 1963


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Fall 1963

Table of Contents


A Russian Woman to the Moon?

James Vann, a Cherokee Chief

Life in Oglethorpe’s Georgia

The Acid of God’s Grace: The Fiction of Flannery O’Connor

The Ordeal of Scott Fitzgerald

The South and the Emancipation in the British West Indies

Winston Churchill and the Sinews of Peace, 1946-1955


If Pride Holds Tomorrow

Miss Dunphy is Dead

The Peace Offering

Third Manassas


One Could Do Worse Than Be a Mower of Lawns


Sitting with Emerson on the Grand Teton

Water Physics

Who Goes There?


“Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary:” A Review

on All or Nothing by John Cowper Powys

on Berry Benson’s Civil War Book by Susan Williams Benson

on Confederate City, Augusta, Georgia, I860-1865 by Florence Fleming Corley

on South Carolina Secedes by John Amasa May, Joan Reynolds Faunt

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