Fall 1973



Fall 1973

Table of Contents


Carson McCullers’ Literary Ballad

Modernity and the Left: An Equivalence

The American Novel Is Alive and Well…Now

The Blue Remembered Hills of Lauderdale County, Tennessee: Some Part of My History as a Writer

The Uses of Anti-Fiction: Greene’s “Across the Bridge”

The Vision at the Brink of the Abyss: “A Descent into the Maelstrom” in the Light of Poe’s Cosmology

Two-and-a-Half Secrets about Richard the Third


The Seven Year Run & Diary of a Man Gone Mad




on Charles Dickens: Radical Moralist by Joseph Gold; Carlyle and Dickens by Micheal Goldberg; Dickens Centennial Essays by Ada Nisbet, Blake Nevius; & Dickens Studies Annual by Robert B. Partlow, Jr.

on Doing History by J. H. Hexter

on Kazantzakis and the Linguistic Revolution in Greek Literature by Peter Bien

on Keats and His Poetry: A Study in Development by Morris Dickstein

on Mediums and Spirit-Rappers and Roaring Radicals: Spiritualism in American Literature, 1850-1900 by Howard Kerr

on Sherwood Anderson/Gertrude Stein: Correspondence and Personal Essays by Ray Lewis White

on The Fallacy of I.Q. by Carl Senna

on The Iceman, the Arsonist, and the Troubled Agent: Tragedy and Melodrama on the Modern Stage by Robert Bechtold Heilman

on The Image of Lincoln in the South by Michael Davis

on The Novel Of Manners In America by James W. Tuttleton

on The Reflective Journey Toward Order: Essays on Dante, Wordsworth, Eliot, and Others by Marion Montgomery

on Toward a New Earth: Apocalypse in the American Novel by John R. May, S. J. Notre Dame

on Ulysses: The Mechanics of Meaning by David Hayman

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