Fall 1975



Fall 1975

Table of Contents


Pound and the Decentered Image

Tennyson’s Melody

The Pattern of Negativity in Beckett’s Prose

The Timid God: A Reading Of Rousseau’s

The Venetian Mirror

Unamuno’s “Niebla”: The Question of the Novel


The Yoghurt of Vasirin Kefirovsky


From The Duplications

Brockport, New York: Beginning with “and”


Just for the Ride

Purgatory, formerly Paradise

The Vandal


Sixteen Photographs


on Rene Magritte by A. M. Hammacher

on Look at the Harlequins! by Vladimir Nabokov

on My Life and My Films by Jean Renoir; &Ecrits, 1926-1971 by Jean Renoir

on Published in Paris: American and British Writers, Printers, and Publishers in Paris, 1920-1939 by Hugh Ford, Janet Flanner

on The Airship: A History by Basil Collier

on The Other Hand by Dabney Stuart; Turtle Island by Gary Snyder; The Center of Attention by Daniel Hoffman; & Two-Part Inventions by Richard Howard