Fall 1976



Fall 1976

Table of Contents


Explanation and Conviction in Godard: The Married Woman

Fashion in Nudity

Poetic Crossing: Rhetoric and Psychology

The Aesthetics of Astonishment

The Falkners and the Fictional Families

The Supplement of Copula: Philosophy before Linguistics


My Real Estate


Elijah of the Backward Glance

Fern Dying

Last Lynx

Page from The Koran

Stitching In Time: Dorothy Ruddick

The Adversary & The Three Times

The Aftermath

The Door


Five Graphics


on Arnold Schoenberg by Charles Rosen

on Beginnings: Intention and Method by Edward W. Said; & The Fate of Reading and Other Essays by Geoffrey H. Hartman

on Fellow Feelings by Richard Howard

on The Drawings of Goya: Vol. I, The Complete Albums by Pierre Gassier; & The Drawings of Goya: Vol. II, The Sketches, Studies and Individual Drawings by Pierre Gassier

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