Fall 2012



Fall 2012

Table of Contents


A Brief Account of the Adventures of My Appropriated Kinsman, Juan Ortiz, Indian Captive, Soldier, and Guide to General Hernando de Soto

A Church, a School & “Ninety Per Cent Are Lunatics” (editorials); & A Matter of Change (review of Lillian Smith’s Now Is the Time)

An Editor Must Have a Purpose (editorial)

Exploring the Writers in the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame

From Georgia Scenes, Characters, Incidents, &c. in the First Half Century of the Republic (“Author’s Preface” & “The Horse Swap”)

From the Archives: Holding Value

From Georgia: Invisible Empire State

From The Confessions of Willie Styron

From The Temple Bombing

James Dickey and Georgia

Johnny Mercer: “They Know His Songs”

O’Connor Plus Bishop Plus Closely Plus Distance (on Flannery O’Connor and Elizabeth Bishop)

The Georgia Writers Hall of Fame

The Legacy of Erskine Caldwell

The New Realism

Truth: The Road or the Rug (on Carson McCullers)

Ty Cobb and the Book That Wasn’t

Uncle Remus, No Friend of Mine



You’ll Like My Mother’s Grave


A Red Canoe & An Absence

Catkins; A Perfect New Moon; & Piecemeal

Imagine with Me Now the Final Room

Portrait in Georgia & Georgia Dusk

The Tip

To John Brown; The Passing of the Ex-Slave; & Cosmopolite



Autumnal (poem) & Letters to T. S. Eliot & Harriet Monroe

From The Marshes of Glynn (poem) & Letters to Mr. and Mrs. Gibson Peacock & Mr. Paul Hamilton Hayne

From Unmailed Letters Mailed Late & Letter to Arthur Penn

Letter to the Editor & From The Black Notebook

Letter to William Sutton


From An Address to the Whites. Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church [of Philadelphia] on the 26th of May, 1826.

Lillian Smith Answers Some Questions about Strange Fruit (interview) & Are We Still Buying a New World with Old Confederate Bills?

On Craftsmanship (essay) & 1991 State of Human Rights Address

The Earth Is the Lord’s but He’s Giving It to the Meek (symposium talk)


“I Know What the Earth Says”: From an Interview with Alice Walker