Fall 2017



Fall 2017

Table of Contents


Ashes, Ashes

Dazzle, Mimic, Blend

On Loose Thread




Rock and Roll: Triptych

The Thirteen Wonders of Tammy


Apostrophe to S


Burning the Old Store

Children’s Fall

Desert Storm & Bear Man Martin Spills the Beans

I Want Back Everything I’ve Laid on the Altar & When Lightning Split the Plum Tree

Invisible Star Maps

Making the most of the least I can do

The Border Guard

The Cartographer Gets Lost; Self-Portrait as Alone with Thoughts; & Pisces

The Major Holidays


A Salaam of Birds


A Personal Map of the Past (on Edward McPherson’s The History of the Future: American Essays)

Footprints (on John Gimlette’s Elephant Complex: Travels in Sri Lanka; Rob Schmitz’s Street of Eternal Happiness; Robert Moor’s On Trails; Richard Tillinghast’s Journeys into the Mind of the World: A Book of Places; and Malachy Tallack’s The Un-Discovered Islands)

Long Reverberations of Brutality: Books of Resistance and Expression

on Afterings by Deborah Tall

on The Next Place by Al Maginnes

on WHEREAS by Layli Long Soldier

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