Fall 2021



Fall 2021

Table of Contents

To Our Readers

To Our Readers


Against Winning

If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You

Knifemagnet; Pilot Impostor; On Seeing Pessoa; Frontotemporal Streetcar; The Algorithm; & Gold

The Way Home, translated from the Korean by Deborah Kim


A Mansion and a Mercedes and a Date with David Hasselhoff

Copper Queen

Over the River, translated from the Norwegian by Olivia Lasky


The Man Who Drove Backward


from “Langkasuka”


Auden in America

Claudel and the Sunday Soaps; Brigadista in Retirement; Sleep Ritual; Rebirths; & Mendacity

Dumb Apple; The Peach; & Spring, Again

Elegy Riding Shotgun & from “In the Land of Vines (Italy, 2013)”

Fat Girl Crown

For I Will Consider My Father Javed

Grand Tour, 1992; [Exiting a performance]; Cimitero Acattolico; & A Sympathy, For Patrick

R U ok?! (8/3/2019); Industrial Sign Language (You at the Textile Museum); You & Louise Bourgeois’s The Fragile; & You Were an Asshole


The Shofar; Suffering; & Where Is the Master, Boatswain

Wolf Tours Intake Q&A; History of Wolves; Wolf Tours Souvenirs; The Wolves Speak to the Clients in a Dream; & wolftours.com/FAQ