Spring 1965


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Spring 1965

Table of Contents


Conrad Aiken’s “Music Strangely Subtle”

Escaping Westward: Faulkner’s “Golden Land”

Georgia’s Gift to Texas: The Lone Star Flag

Hunting in the Old South: Original Narratives of the Hunters, edited by Clarence Gohdes

Inns and Outers of the English Bar

Lord of the Flies: An Analysis

The Verb Menagerie

Why Discipline?


First Blood

Harry and I


From Rome We Went North a Day’s Walk

My Mother’s Final Gesture

Old Farmer Alone

One to Watch

The Window


on The License System of the City of Atlanta by James M. Wright

on The Three Worlds of Captain John Smith by Philip L. Barbour

on These Men She Gave: The Civil War Diary of Athens, Georgia by John F. Stegeman

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