Spring 1967


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Spring 1967

Table of Contents


Carson McCullers’ Myth of the Sad Café

Colonial Georgia’s Second Language

Faulkner’s Lena Grove

Life in Confederate Athens Georgia

Philip Henry Gosse on the Old Southwest Frontier

The Form of Experience in the Poems of Edgar Allan Poe


A Summer of Fans

The Games That We Played

The Great Dog

Waiting at the Old Home


Do Not Quite Forget

Less Real Than Legend


Tabula Rasa

The Games

Wait and See


on A Saga of the South by Edward P. Lawton

on Donald Davidson: An Essay and a Bibliography by Thomas Daniel Young, M. Thomas Inge

on Stones from the Rubble by Marion Montgomery

on Where the Music Was by Charles East

Woodrow Wilson: The Formative Years, 1856-1880: An Essay Review (on The Papers of Woodrow Wilson, Vol. 1, 1856-1880 by Arthur S. Link, John Wells Davidson, David W. Hirst)


Portraits of Georgia Slaves, edited by Tom Landess