Spring 1968


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Spring 1968

Table of Contents


Angels at Forty Thousand Feet: “Ode to Our Young Pro-Consuls of the Air” and the Practice of Poetic Responsibility

Byron Herbert Reece: Ten Years After

Great Circle: Conrad Aiken’s Musico-Literary Techniqu

James Dickey’s Poems: 1957-1967: A Personal Appraisal

Paul Hamilton Hayne

Portraits of Georgia Slaves

The “Noon Wine” Devils


A Family Privation

A Georgia Peach

And One to Grow On

Light and Power



Dark Horses Rushing

Sundown In Rowan

The Huckleberry Hunters

Two Ocean Shells, Used for Ashtrays


on A Fable by William Faulkner

on Hunting in the Old South: Original Narratives of the Hunters by Clarence Gohdes

on Lord Dartmouth and the American Revolution by B. D. Barger

on Robert Munford: America’s First Comic Dramatist by Rodney M. Baine

on Robert Toombs of Georgia by William Y. Thompson