Spring 1970



Spring 1970

Table of Contents


Black Literature: Three Critical Works

Up Top Amongst None: Life in the Georgia Appalachians


Luxuria Larvata


Poems from Saigon Cemetery

The Beauty of Power

Thrush Song, Waiting Passage Home & Music You Heard with Me


American Studies in the South Pacific: An Essay Review (on Pacific Circle: Proceedings of the Second Biennial Conference of the Australian and New Zealand American Studies Association by Norman Harper

on Medieval Parliaments: A Comparative Study (Studies Presented to the International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions, XXXII) by Antonio Marongiu

on Memoirs: Sixty Years on the Firing Line by Arthur Krock

on Nature, Man and Society in the Twelfth Century: Essays on New Theological Perspectives in the Latin West by M.-D. Chenu, Jerome Taylor, Lester K. Little

on Philosophy for Everyman: From Socrates to Sartre by Dagobert D. Runes

on Robert Penn Warren: A Bibliography by Mary Nance Huff

on Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia and Other States, Vol. 2 by Ettie Tidwell McCall

on The Cotton Renter’s Son by G. L. Vaughan

on The Mystery of Existence by Milton K. Munitz

on The South and the Sectional Conflict by David M. Potter

on Twentieth Century Interpretations of The Old Man and the Sea by Katharine T. Jobes

on What’s It All About and What Am I? by Richard B. Gregg

Some Recent Blake Books: An Essay Review (on The Letters of William Blake by Geoffrey Keynes; Blake’s Humanism by John Beer; William Blake: Essays for S. Foster Damon by Alvin H. Rosenfeld; & Blake and Tradition by Kathleen Raine

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